Today, I made some menus. I also fixed some minor sound problems, (although positional sound as a whole is still borked), along with importing all the new models and animations. The new models were made to be more compatible with varying graphics cards.

As for the menus, the system was made so that I could make different menus really fast - in the screenshot below you can see the three menus. Two of which are sub menus created by the main pause menu on the right of the screen. These can be moved around with the right mouse button.

The system involves each "menu" holding a list of menus itself. So it could go as deep as I want it too. Anyway, if a parent is shutdown, it's "child" menus are as well. The parent won't fully close until it's children has as well.

Originally, the pause menu was just going to have a list of sub menus and that was going to be it. You can see that below.

Of course, this proved to be difficult to work with and I ultimately scrapped it.

Next up I plan on actually completing the upgrade system.  It's gonna be pretty cool.