Sorry about updating so little.

So, since the last update on here, we've done a ton of work.

We've finished most of the graphics engine, optimized it, rewrote the gameplay engine, wrote a sound and utility engine, and started on gameplay. Not only that, but we've made demonstration videos and what-not as well. Oh, and MORS finally got an actual model.

Right now, our current goal is to make a playable boss fight demo and release it by the 30th. I'm not sure if we'll meet the goal, seeing as we're extremely low on animation resources, and I can't work on combat without them. So we'll really have to speed things up to make it.

I also programmed a cool menu engine for the utility engine, and with it I finally made an item management system. It's grid based, like Diablo, except the pieces are rotatable. However, not only this, but I took the synthesizing system from the Dark Cloud series and built it in as well. You can synthesize ANY item into a 1x1 synthesized object, which can be then synthesized into your Chassis to modify 09's stats. (09 is the name for MORS 0.9 now.)

The cool thing about synthesizing into your Chassis, is that you can build 09 into whatever kind of character you want. Of course, he can't be an efficient Jack of all Trades, as each synthesized object also has a drawback for its advantage. So, for example, you could build 09 into a robot built for high speed combat, whom of which can't take a hit, or a tank that's slow, but when his hits land, are deadly.

This should really make your experience pretty fun. Although, the menus still need a lot of work before I think they'll be up to par. The problem right now is that the Chassis system throws a lot of numbers at you in a complicated list, so it's hard to tell what you're changing. I'll make a record keeping system so you don't have to go and make spreadsheets to track 09's synthesizing input/output.

Anyway, I'll be back with more information later. I'm off to work on the options menu for the game, and then I'll probably get back to animating.