Due to certain setbacks, the demo is going to have to wait a while.

The tower model is completely done, and we've loaded it into the game successfully. We also have the ran working and Daniel's working on the water shaders. Problem however is that the tower textures look wonky. So I'm having our textures guy work on them to make it look more professional and overall metal.

We're also painfully low on combat animations, so until those are done, I can't even start on the combat AI. I can only do basic stuff like teaching them how to move around and the like. Which is what I'm currently working on.

The engine is also having some minor problems with texture loading, seeing as they're so high quality. We'll sort that out as well.

We've made a ton of progress either way. I've fixed various problems in the combat engine, and I've also made movement even more smooth than it was before. I've also added some tactical movement options such as the side step, and I've also made Auto-Dashing more controllable. You can now tilt and sway in the air as you're flying. I also finished the graphics and basic settings menus.

We won't release the game until it meets my high standards. I'm not one to release utter crap. That's not how we work. When it's working 100% and I think it's ready, we'll release it. But it'll at least be worth the wait.