Hey guys. Sorry I'm a day late.

So, not too much progress this week. We did more planning and conceptual work. I can't show you all of it, but I can share with some of our plans.

Anyway, me and Daniel worked on graphics and physics engine ideas. We've been overhauling them math stuff in the engine for faster calculations, which have shown to be very fruitful. We're already getting some really good performance increases.

Some of our graphics ideas include faster and more efficient Anti-Aliasing, Motion-Blur, new material effects, particle effects, a new lighting system, along with Tessellation.

For physics, we have ideas for ragdolls, hit collisions, and even vegetation physics.

We've also decided to call our engine Insomnia. Because the game is called We Shall Wake, and it seemed fitting. It'll be open source and free to use after the game is done, and we'll document everything about it thereafter.

As for concept work, we're still trying to nail down a new design for MORS. Here are a few of the concepts our artists put together. Though I haven't accepted any of them yet.