Hey guys.

I know a few of you actually keep up with this blog, and I feel kind of bad for neglecting it.

I'm going to fill you all in on what we're doing:

Okay, so we've completed the concept art for MORS 09, he's been modeling by the same guy who drew him. So we're going to see how that turns out, but regardless if it goes well or not, I'm going to continue after we get the result. If the model isn't usable or doesn't meet my standard, I'm going to start animating the old model instead and just go forward with progress on the game.

We've added motionblur and better shading systems, along with some fixes so that the engine is fully compatible with Macs. The new physics engine is in, and Daniel and I moved some stuff over to a server so we can work together online. Our productivity is skyrocketing because we can work together and solve problems that one or the other is more suited to solve. For example, Daniel is better with math and I'm pretty good with general design and code layouts.

As for gameplay, I've basically been tightening the movement even more than it already is, and modifying the controls. Some basic changes include:
  • Wall sliding is activated by grabbing a wall, instead of dashing into it
  • You can now grab and throw enemies that are light enough
  • Sprinting has been tightened
  • Auto-dashing has been replaced with Auto-boosting (short bursts of speed rather than essentially flying)
  • Did some HUD work, made it more stable
  • You can actually transverse floors in the dungeon now
That's all for now, we'll be moving forward a lot faster now though. I intend to model a lot of place holding models and we'll just go ahead and replace those at the end of development like I mentioned in an older post. Daniel and I are pretty set on finishing this monster.

If you're interested and would like to help, please do contact us. We have a contact bar on the main page of the blog, so do check it out.