Hey. How's it going.

Daniel and I have been working on the game of course, and we've made good progress. Most of it under the hood--good news is we got a new modeler/animator and his name is Mark. He's a good guy and hopefully is gonna stick it out with us until the end.

We've been redesigning the tile system so it'll be more varied and robust, and so far that's going pretty well. My friend Forrest is going to be modeling those new tiles.

I've started on rebuilding the AI, having some problems with the occipital core; the arc-based seeing systems seem to want to be off, even though 2d tests showed our seeing calculations are correct. The best part is the exact same code worked back before the demo and strangely isn't now, so there's that.

However, hearing systems seem to be accurate and correct. Sounds are indexed with locations, so AI will be able to investigate it in the future much like how they did in our third demo.

Anyhow, I'll be moving onto some simple patrolling AI tonight, and I'll be focusing on AI interaction between each other for this week, along with some basic player interaction. I'll also be doing some animation with our new base rig that Mark has so kindly provided us, and Austin should have the new MORS model done sometime this week as well.

Next week I'll begin animating the movement for the base model with Mark, along with the various combat animations I'll be needing. Then, on the third week, I'll finally begin combat mechanics. The following week after that will be spent on combat AI. And so on.

I'll be piercing the gaming heavens with screenshots and videos soon.