Hey guys. I'll be updating on Saturdays from now on, instead of Friday's. It's a lot more convenient this way for me.

What have we done this week? Not so much as to things I can show you, but we've been finishing up and tweaking some minor things. It was really a busy week for everyone, so we didn't get to accomplish a ton.

I worked on animations all week, and I was able to nail down some extra flips and idles. I'm especially proud of the new idle, really menacing.

The flips are actually proving difficult, getting that sense of momentum and velocity to work is really difficult - so I've scrapped more of those than finished, unfortunately. I'm really sensitive about the animations this time around, because my primary complaint about the demo in September was that the animation was terrible. The thing about games like this too, is that animations are a central part to what makes it fun to play. You can't feel like you're a hyper-lethal killing machine when your character is all stiff and doesn't have any weight to him.

I've been using some ref's for the flips, so hopefully I'll have them down eventually.

What I've also been doing is planning some facets to the gameplay - the "style grading" system is ready - and I'm especially excited for that because of how much different it grades you than anything else I've ever played. It should be pretty cool.

And if you look at that bottom GIF of TRON, you'll notice he does this long front flip towards the camera. I intend on building something like that for MORS, where you can jump and then activate a secondary jump where you leap towards an enemy like that.

I'm getting pretty excited, more progress soon.

Take care guys.