We've finally completed all of the animations for the demo - we have around 17 attacks and 35 animations in total when you count movement animations. This isn't very impressive - but we'll definitely keep adding attacks and new moves as I get input from you guys. This is going to serve as a base for the gameplay, and together we'll start making monthly or even bi-weekly updates to the combat engine until we're all satisfied, and then we'll make the actual game portion.

Hopefully this will be a fun experience for us all.

Today, Daniel and I have been making a material editor for the engine to get that out of the way - so I can focus on gameplay here these next three weeks.

I'll be converting all of the animations of the base model tonight hopefully, and I'll be able to start. Wish me luck, I may post a video next Saturday showing what we have. If not next, it'll be the following Saturday after next.

This all said, please know the first demo will not be completely bugless or perfect - nor will it be feature complete in any way - things like particle effects, AI, and sound are going to be missing. It's OK though, this won't be permanent.