Hey again! I have some awesome stuff to show you this week.

First of all, I posted a new video: 

This video was built to showcase what we have so far in terms of movement, and I'm fairly proud of it. It represents how the game was as of yesterday though. I've already made major changes based on the feedback I received on 4chan's /vg/ and on the video itself. Primarily the issue of the game being too "slippery."

I've fixed all of the problems, and I'll discuss each one in depth and explain how I fixed it.

The first problem was that someone mentioned the "sprint didn't match" his speed. What I decided to do here, was go back and modify the sprint animation itself, and then speed it up in the game engine. I also added a new "back tilt" feature where he'll lean forward as he starts going faster. This should solve it, but I may need to replace the sprint entirely.

Another problem mentioned was that "the sprinting was slippery," and I fixed that by removing two lines of code that actually segregated how sprinting/jogging affected his velocities. You see, when you used to sprint, it changed your "directional yaw" to a variable called "trueYaw," which was your yaw rotation for the model, so the direction change was not instant. For the jog, it uses "finalYaw," which is an instantaneous value the trueYaw moves to. So I simply changed the sprint to use the final yaw instead of the true yaw. Pretty simple fix.

One of the last complaints I received was that the glide twirl looked feminine and out of place, so I replaced it with a front flip that you can see in the GIF above. It looks a lot better, and I still ended up using the twirl on the wall jump (which it looks a lot more context appropriate, and doesn't negatively affect his masculinity, according to one Anon)

That does it for this week. Hopefully in another week or two I'll have a new video for you :)