Oh man, I'm so sorry.

I caught really caught up in programming, I completely forgot to update the blog for you fellas.

But man, I have a lot of progress this week. First of all, combat is going great. In fact, I didn't expect to be this far into development until like March 20th. So that means more time for refining and bug-fixing. What did I add?

Well, for one, I've filled out the combat quite a bit. Check out this GIF, you'll see a lot of new additional moves have been added. I've streamlined combat so that it functions more naturally, so for example, you can run and slide, and then pop back up into a running punch.

Note, by streamline, I don't mean simplify. Some of these moves may be hard to pull off well, in fact, I haven't mastered my own systems yet. But it's all really cool, and I think there are a lot of possibilities here for brutally murdering enemies.

I also added a new system that I've had planned for a while - this is called Auto-Motion Combat Context. I may have mentioned it on here before, but this context system allows you to shift the way Auto-Motion functions in combat situations.

For example, normally tapping the Auto-Motion key allows you to dash and do fancy flips (picture above) - but when you press the combat context shift key, it changes into a combat based context which allows your dashes to be offensive.

These dashes are called Auto-Slashes, mainly because the character teleports in a slashing like manner, doing minor damage to the energy. To counter how powerful it can be, it uses your energy - which is the same thing that powers Bio-Mechulus - a feature I'll discuss more in the future.

While in Auto-Combat Context, you also have access to Grapple Based Combat - which I'll actually get to implement a lot of for the combat demo in April as it turns out. Essentially, you'll be able to put grabbed enemies in your gravitational field - and this will be Vitality Shield. It'll suck their health away gradually, and you'll also be able to use their bodies as platforms for double jumping and firing them off like bullets. It was made in respect to Virgil's floating swords in DMC3. This feature isn't implemented yet, so no GIFs. But it will be. If it turns out too buggy near release time, it won't be in the demo however.

Lastly, in regards to the above GIFs and the demo in particular - note that a lot of the special effects haven't be implemented yet. We're missing the Auto-Slash effect, and a lot of the combat related effects like sparks and flinches. A lot of people have complained about "the combat not being weighted enough," this is actually due to the fact the AI can't get up off the ground when knocked down (because the AI is disabled and will remain disabled until AI Month during the summer season) - so that "seizure" animation that plays when they're hit is essentially temporary. The final AI will not be so easily knocked down - in fact, you'll probably spend more time on the ground than they will.

For the demo in April, AI systems will be turned off, and they won't react to anything you do. This is because we've focused on player controls for the last two months, and that's how I'd like to keep it.

Right now, the road map looks kind of like this:

  1. January - April: Gameplay Months
  2. May - June/July: AI Months
  3. Until we're done: Graphics and the actual game

See you Saturday bros!