Yes, I know I'm late. Please don't hurt me. It slipped my mind yesterday because I've been doing so much schoolwork.

Anyhow, I made a lot of good progress this week. For one, I completed the combat engine for the most part - which means I can start creating the combat movesets for the player and AI.

I've already finished four moves out of seventeen, so all is well.

I'll discuss them a bit.

This first GIF is showcasing a basic hand combo and the straight kick move. The hand combo works as you'd expect it, you just tap the punch button and he'll alternate punches. It's supposed to act as a good base for your combos, and then the straight kick is a good finishing move. You can also hold the button responsible for the straight kick and transition into "a thousand kicks," which I'll show at a later date.

In the second GIF, you can see me using the "Air Stomp" ability, which is just a basic area effect attack that causes a higher stun point value depending on how high you jump from, which is why I'm able to knock that enemy off of his feet so easy. I may have to tweak it a bit though, as it's a bit overpowered at the moment.

In the third GIF, you'll see a sliding type move called the "Momentum Punch," which is a lot like Stinger from Devil May Cry. However, instead of knocking the enemies away, it slams them down. It has a high stun value and can stun most enemies instantly, but won't work on bosses and bigger guys. It's good for closing that space between enemies you've knocked away, without the over-corrections of something like a dash or roll.

That's about it for now, I'll have more attacks (and crazier GIFs) next week. For your viewing pleasure, here are some more GIFs of me messing around in the game.

See you next week, Space Cowboy.