We're releasing DEMO 5 Wednesday. This is why there has been no Saturday updates for about two weeks now - we've been preparing.

I'll be releasing the game and a new demo video on YouTube, so get ready! It's going to be fun. But we need to talk about some things first.

This demo only represents the combat engine and some basic AI - along with parts of the dungeon generator in its infancy. We had to do a lot of engine restructuring and overhauling since our last admittedly crap demo. Of course, we've made a ton of under the hood progress - but you likely won't notice a lot of that.

The purpose of us releasing Demo 5 is for our friends on /cgg/, and those who have been watching us since the start. We've gotten our stuff together - and redone almost everything. Animations, lighting, loading systems - and it's pretty nicely optimized. This is also giving us a chance to get some feedback on combat and hear your ideas, along with getting some bug reports so we can fix anything that goes wrong.

To send bug report, simply email us the log.txt that is outputted beside WSW.jar to weshallwake@outlook.com.

Some problems I've noticed however is that the AI is taking a huge toll on performance - so FPS may not be perfect. I'll have this fixed next week, but likely won't have time to fix it before Wednesday. The reason the AI is doing this is because they use a lot of raycasting for their occipital lobes in their "brains," so that they can see and react to external stimuli. As cool as this is, I may need to simplify it due to the bad performance (it can drop the FPS by 10!)

I'll try my best to fix it, but with school taking up a lot of my time recently, I can't promise anything.

We'll be including a profiler for the graphics engine, so while playing you can press P to output data to the console (I'll include a batch file for opening the game with the console as well). You'll be able to see just how powerful Insomnia is in a textual fashion - and how fast it is. We also have a timestep button mapped to 2, so you can slow down the game and see the motion blur and all of that working - it's really cool.