Hey guys.

Train's a rollin'

Forrest is currently rigging MORS, and I've been vastly expanding and modifying the combat engine.

The rigging is going well, we ran into a minor problem with the skeleton being too small, but that's an easy fix. So we should be good to go soon.

Along with that, I've adopted a new method of gaining combat momentum by giving you two basic combos to lead into the rest of your attacks, so you can either start slow and work your way up in speed, start fast and slow down, or start slow and end slow, or start fast and end fast. You mix and match your punches and kicks to activate different moves as they become contextually available.

It's pretty dang neat.

We also picked up an artist who's going to be hooking us up with some crazy environmental art:

Although this picture in particular is insanely early. I'm just showing we're actually going to have like, graphics soon. Isn't that awesome?

Anyway, that's all for now. More to come! Stay tuned! Saturday updates are now full throttle again.

Truly yours, Circadian