Hey guys, doing this a little early as I'll be a tad busy tomorrow.

So, I know I didn't update last week. That's OK. We're working on a new video that's going to have a lot of progress in it. This means that we'd like to refrain from posting too many screenshots for a while so you can get the full effect of the massive amount of progress we've made in one quick burst that's going to blow you out of your chair.

We've got a concept artists, two modelers, and a rigger working on assets. Of course, Daniel and I are programming and I'm also doing the animation.

This may also mean that soon we'll gave enough for the sound designers to go off of in terms of engineering us some sound effects.

I will have much to show soon, please be patient!

Sincerely, Circadian

Hey guys.

This week has been rather slow, we've been doing a few internal things but mostly just rough-drafting a lot of ideas. We've got Joshua working on some environmental art, but other than that, there's not much to report.

I've also been animating a ton of combat animations, and I'm almost ready to start implementing them.

On another note, a lot of people have been asking if we have a kickstarter or donation page - so I implemented advertisements into the blog. If you see one that interests you even remotely, clicking on one can benefit both us and the advertiser.

See you next week! A video update may be coming soon.