Hey guys, just doin' this a little early.

I have another surprise for you - Demo 6 is done. It has the WIP moveset customization systems along with some basic character growth systems. You can customize the way MORS fights.

It also has a neat little detailed tutorial to get you started on We Shall Wake! This tutorial is much better than the one in Demo 5.

I'll try and get a video up tomorrow, but for now, just play the game! Refer to the manual on how to use the Tactics Customizer (Moveset editor).

Anyway, without further delay, here is the link. 

Heads up, there won't be a Saturday Update next week. I'm taking the whole week off to just chill since I've been going so hard lately. I really need the break.

Take care!

Hey guys! Sorry for the "absence." But we've actually been making some cool stuff!

I'll let the video do the explaining. You can find the download for Demo 5.5 on the downloads page, along with an instruction manual that's included inside.

I'll try and resume Saturday Updates next week!

Enjoy the new demo! Be sure to report bugs!