Hello guys.

Sorry for the lack of news - I hope you haven't lost interest in the project!

Since the release of Demo 6, I've been focused on AI improvements, combat, and also the beginning of the game as a whole. I've implemented various dungeon systems; as of now the game will initialize your game at the first time of running and generate your personalized tower to explore - along with its various communities and landmarks. While most of your experiences will be somewhat the same, the order of which events transpire may be varied; and for those of you who are put off by "randomly generated," be assured that our generation is only a means to put (hopefully fun) fluff between the various boss floors and pre-made areas.

 Improvements to AI have mostly been optimization - and I've had a major increase in the allowed AI on a floor with just the updating. Using LOD logic systems, we can fit about 100 AI on one floor without LOD models being enabled before I experience slowdown on my rig - compared to the maximum of 60 in Demo 6.

As for combat, it's mostly been just bugfixes and new moves.

And finally, I've added our new triangle-list collision systems into the game, meaning that complex environments are now possible on top of our pre-existing tile system.

Once our ideas are more realized and we feel we have something to show, I'll upload a new video. Blog updates may not be consistent for a while, but when I do decide to resume making consistent updates, I'll make sure to leave a post here saying when.

Take care!