Brayden here. This week I'm going to talk a little about refining code.

Basically, what generally takes us the longest when working on the game is refining code. We add features every other week generally, and then spend the following tweaking and fixing everything we made the week before. That's why it's so hard to keep these blog posts frequent, is because we often only get to add new cool stuff worth mentioning every other week.

This week, I refined primarily the AI. I did work on the Input systems some more and did fixes all around the engine, and I'm quite proud of the result. The AI now works in a somewhat pack-like state, which is kind of interesting because I didn't intend this. For example, in what I'm calling the "warzone floor," which is the second floor of the game and part of the tutorial, I noticed that the rebels would fight off guardians and then move forward in a pack to help out there friends who were being pushed back above. Traveling with them and helping turn the tides of the short battle was pretty fun for me, because it felt like I was really part of a transgression.

Ricky has been doing his thing with the texturing, in fact, Novem's new textures are done. I just need Forrest to set up his rig with the new UV coordinates and it'll be in the game. These textures not only add detail, but also establish an artstyle we're going to start aiming for. The model itself received fixes from Ivan on the normals. Although, no screenshots just yet, we're saving the new artstyle for the upcoming 7th playable demo and video. 

Rafael is also working on his new tracks for the game to go with the tutorial, and he hooked us up with some new sound designers who are going to be doing some cool stuff soon as well. Which, by the way, Rafael did some concept tracks a while back for We Shall Wake, so if you're interested in hearing what it's going to be like, check it out!

Anyway, that's for today! Take care guys, have a great week.