Hey guys. Hope you're doing well.

This week I focused on making new attacks and refining our UI. I've been plowing down the game script and also working closely with our artists to get a new look for the game that will be revealed in Demo 7.

I'll be focusing on my new interaction wheel that I actually just finished in this post.

We Shall Wake is a crazy action game - yes - but that's just one of the focal points of the game. It's obviously taken the longest to make, and with it out of the way, I can focus on content and also adding in our other focal points - atmosphere and AI. 

Atmosphere comes a lot in to play with Daniel's portion of the game - where he's been programming his graphics engine for the last year while I've been focused on the game itself. The artists are now working on concept art and models to fill our environments to help shape the feelings conveyed in our game.

As for the AI, you've all hopefully read my past few posts on the improvements to their personalities and fighting abilities, but what I'm expanding on now is the player's various interactions with the AI. When I wrote them, I wrote them with games like The Sims in mind - where each AI should be a different person and have a degree of feeling real.

So the best way to attain this, is to make an interaction wheel that provides four different ways to interact with the AI to expose these various traits they're each born with.

Right now it's pretty early, but once you guys get your hands on it, I'm sure you'll get a little of entertainment out of it. Each AI will give you dialogue based on what kind of person they are - and sometimes they'll even give you gifts if you're pretty respected among them.

Other times you won't have to trigger the conversation with a dialogue wheel - sometimes you'll come across wandering rebels sitting around a campfire reminiscing over old times - or maybe something philosophical or inspiring.

Anyway, that's it for now. Daniel had to skip Wednesday because he's working on something really cool. So keep your eyes peeled!

Have a good week!