Alright alright alright..

It's been a while. But we've been hard at work. Gonna have some really cool stuff for you in the upcoming weeks. However, I want to show you this first:

This is a screenshot of Lambaste mode - a survival/wave mode where you build up your center defenses against endless waves of Guardians. By investing Catalysts (in-game currency) you can earn them back even more by hiring rebels to help fight with you. It's a neat little system that will be good for the final game when you want to make a little extra money for your town-building projects.

We have a little thing called the Variable system I've added too - which is a lot like the skulls in Halo. But a lot of this will be elaborated on in our January 1st video. So stick around, this is gonna be good.

I'm gonna keep this brief since you'll get a complete lowdown in our next video - but until then.