Good afternoon everyone!

We Shall Wake's patreon was a pretty good success.  We have enough to move forward with development and keep our boat afloat. However, at this rate, it'd take nearly four years to get the funding needed for our software licensing! So keep telling your friends about us and help us build it up!

Nonetheless, I'll be putting a percentage each month into paying artists and another percentage into our "domain and software" fund. Currently myself and most of the rest of the team won't be receiving any money - but as long as it gets done, most of us are OK with that.

Anyhow: the game. Michael and I have been writing the script for the campaign, and I've been getting artists in place that will start next month. Most of our character concept work is done, and Ricky is working on some new environmental work. So the rest of this month will be preparation for next month - where WSW's 3d assets will begin to be made.

I've been doing some animating with Forrest as well, and I've been making various emotive stances/gestures for the AI to better convey their emotions. The AI feel a lot of things - but in their current form - you'd never know just by looking at them! Hopefully I'll fix that.

Along with this, I've been doing under the hood work on the animation system so that I can load in fully animated scenes into the game and attach them to their actors with minimal coding work. Something that's needed to be added for a long time.

I've also re-tuned and improved most of the game's menus, so that they look prettier and function better and more intuitively. However, I still have a lot of work to do on that front.

Controller support is one of my main priorities, however I'll have to take a very large detour due to certain issues with Xbox controller driver availability and its usage in Java. Nothing I certainly can't handle of course.

Finally, those who donated to our Patreon will be getting an early build of Demo 7 soon that allows you to play Lambaste mode with our current enemy types! So if you want in on that, make sure you donate $5 or more dollars to the page.

I think that covers everything. Here's this weeks Patreon shoutout to our new supporters:

Sam Hillyer
Aaron Beauchamp
Lucas P
Jonathan Guidry
Paul Toussaint
Eric Seepersad
Alex Sjolin
Alex Chyla
Joshua Eguia

Thanks for following us on this crazy journey so far! It's gonna get even crazier from here.