Hey guys! Sorry this is so late - I wrote this up Saturday morning and I guess I forgot to publish it.

Daniel is back, and we've been solving minor engine issues. We're now on track for releasing Demo 7 to our Patreon patrons - which will include our new Lambaste mode and a more fleshed out combat engine. I'll be including controller support (something many of you have requested) and some overhauled menus that allow you to tweak INSOMNIA to its very core!

I've been overhauling our grapple system - which is also part of our new "cutscene" system. It was a success! Which means we're on track for both. The new story script will be much more involving since we have an actual cash inflow now - so we have a lot more options for how crazy we can take the story.

I'm excited for this journey! It's only just beginning. Til next time.

Patreon shoutouts this week:
Michael McCloud
Mark Mann