Hey there, beautiful!

So cool news - we've got new texture artists and modelers. We'll be doing some advertising stuff with the money we have as well. The above screenshot has some re-textured elements, done by our talented new artist Rebecca.

Our writer and I have completed We Shall Wake's campaign outline. Now we just have to fill it in.

All of the configuration menus are done too! We have a fully operational basic settings, input settings, and graphics settings menu now.

Here's the zinger - we have controller support now. I know how much you guys have wanted that one! Hopefully it'll suit you guys well. WSWGUI has been updated to support the controller, and should be pretty seamless in terms of navigating with the mouse and controller.

I also added a new game mode (actually two), Casual Mode and Turbo Mode. You can switch these in the basic settings menu. Casual Mode sets the game to be slower for new players - and Turbo Mode takes it to the next level and makes it faster for people like me who enjoy their games being 2fast.

Anyway, I also added a new customization system. People love customization - but I hate shoehorned RPG mechanics. So what I've done is hopefully hit a midpoint that both you and I can hopefully enjoy.

I'll be adding new moves as well soon, and Michael and I will be working on some fancy new effects for that.

Our new modeler has started on our new enemy type, the Flieger. Screenshots soon! See it first on our Twitter. We also post concept art on Patreon for patrons, so it may be worth checking out!

Rafael has some music in the works, which I'll put up on our YouTube channel eventually for your listening pleasure. Which I will also post a link to on our Twitter! I have part of a new track on our Patreon too, so if you're part of that, you can go listen to it already.

Other than that, We Shall Wake has been receiving its normal stablization fixes and is in a really good state right now. I will be releasing Demo 7 for our Patreon patrons to play soon. So make sure you get in on that! It's gonna be fun and hopefully have a decent amount of content.

Best part: we did this all in two weeks with five dollars. Imagine what we'll do with the rest of it!

By the way, I hope you like T-Rexes...

Til next time.