We've been hard at work to get DEMO 7 ready - there's a lot of cool stuff coming your way.

I've sent some debug builds to the team members so they can hopefully break it as much as possible so we can get you guys a stable build.

DEMO 7 features will include:

  • fully implemented menus (graphics/controls/basic settings are all configurable) 
  • fleshed out combat (improved immensely since Demo 6) 
  • robust new AI with detailed decision-trees 
  • 7 variable system 
  • early version of town/base builder 
  • customizable MORS09 (equippable items) 
  • ingame lore documents revealing the story/background 
  • teaser for We Shall Wake's campaign 
  • improved style rating system 
  • full controller support 
  • unlimited wave mode 
  • new enemy type: Flieger 
  • new enemy type: MORS model 
  • new enemy type: Reaper 
  • new cooperative type: Rebels/Mechanics 
  • new enemy type: Guardians 
  • AI interaction wheel
The demo is still slated for March 2nd. See you then!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the late post! My birthday is Monday and I've been with family - just now getting some time to write this out.

This week we've been focusing on engine improvements and fixes. Xbox controller support is now fully working - as far as we know - and most of the kinks have been solved. We were having an issue with the old API in that it'd cause the JVM to crash randomly (which is you know, REALLY bad) so I ended up finding a more straight-forward XInput implementation to use.

Michael and I have been planning some new menu designs - we want to try and make ours a bit more fancy/pretty after being inspired by the new Persona5 trailer. So, we'll see what comes of that.

I've been tuning gameplay and ensuring that the controller feels right - so I have a lot to do there. I also began programming the Flieger. He'll be needing some specific animations - but other than that, everything is going smoothly.

We're thinking we'll release a demo on March 2nd. So keep your eyes peeled!