Hello blog readers,

It's been a while since we've updated the blog. We've been pretty occupied with our new Twitter and getting the public build of DEMO 7 ready for everyone to try - plus I myself have been busy with graduating highschool, so I'm just now finally getting to sit down and work.

I'm terrible at organizing these posts, so I'm just gonna give you all a list of what we've added in these past few months.

  1. 10 new moves
  2. Vast AI improvements that'll challenge even the best action game players
  3. Graphical improvements
  4. Massive performance improvements
  5. New graphical effects
  6. More particle effects
  7. BUILDER: the precursor to townbuilding that can be used to make custom gametypes 
  8. Various tools for BUILDER: make race modes, survival modes, team survival modes, king of the hill modes
  9. UI improvements
  10. New attack effects
  11. Cutscene that teases at We Shall Wake
  12. End-game teaser that elaborates further on Novem and Decem's relationship
  13. Turbo mode is now faster, casual mode is now slower
  14. New shop at the main menu
  15. Pause button (you can actually pause the game now)
  16. Main menu lets you access the pause menu
  17. Fixes for the UI on larger resolutions
And that's not all - I still have a lot I want to add before the big release.

Now, to elaborate on some of these new features:

10 New Moves and Shop Menu
One of the more loud complaints about the private build of DEMO 7 was that a lot of players had trouble finding all of the moves available in the demo, therefore assuming that we only had around 20 moves in the game when in reality we have about 50. To fix this, I added a shop menu so you can buy all of the moves from the main menu with ingame currency - a la Devil May Cry and God Hand.

As for the new moves, I've added primarily new Utility Moves that give the player more options to stylishly murder robots with.

AI Improvements

Another complaint was that the AI was too easy to "cheese." To remedy this, I've added brand new counter systems for specific moves. Enemies will jump away from air stomps, deflect your bullets, grab you and execute you, and dodge your attacks more frequently. You wanted difficulty, and I'm going to give it to you.

Pause Menu
Probably the greatest edition. You can pause the game and edit your moveset and itemset without the fear of being attacked/having to rush. I also added one to the main menu, so you can work straight from the main menu rather than having to get into the game to do it.


Builder was in the private demo as the House Defense System, but I've added onto it and made a complete gametype editor with it as well. You can now build and customize your gametypes in a really versatile way and can make any survival-based gametype you could ever really want. 

BUILDER is also going to be the baseline for the eventual townbuilding in We Shall Wake, which was drawn from an old game called Dark Cloud. One of the main features of We Shall Wake will be building and defending your villages.

That's it for this week! I'll drop back by with a release date later this month. Daniel will be coming in with some of his fancy performance numbers too here in a bit. Hang tight!