Now that DEMO 7 is out (check it out if you haven't already), we've gotten a lot of feedback on We Shall Wake's combat systems and its nuances.

One of the main complaints stemmed from how group combat is approached and how that the air stomp is overpowered and over-relied upon. For example, we had always intended for people to fight in WSW in a more guerrilla pick them off one-by-one style; however, many players wanted a more direct approach.

The fact of the matter was, standing in the middle of a sixty man crowd of Leichts was not going to fly, and considering how powerful WSW makes you feel, that's exactly where you usually want to be. To solve this, the team came together and designed Compression-Fields, or C-Fields for short.

Every time Novem lands a blow on the ground with a normal combo, the force behind it is strong enough to throw an enemy back, but the MORS Model staple Infinity Engine uses its gravity altering effects to keep the enemy you hit in place.

However, this was not a smooth process. The team argued for hours upon the exact traits that the system would have. This ended up giving birth to two versions of the C-Field: the normal version, and the modified Stand Chip version.

By default, the C-Field will only blow enemies back a short distance, but when the Stand Chip is equipped, MORS09's nanobot based immune system will also materialize fists to throw them back even further while doing damage.

This was mainly created due to a dispute over whether or not the fists looked cool. It was a 50/50 divide, so I decided to make it an option. The stronger megafist version comes at the cost of having to use an item slot on it, whereas by default without it, it's pretty weak.

The C-Field has its limits though: it won't work on special enemy types.

Finally, to solve the Air Stomp issue, we made it derive its power from the amount of Energy left. When the attack lands, it uses energy and transfers it into the hit, so you have to vary your moves and regain that energy before it can do more damage. That said, you can use its crowd clearing effects to get space as much as you need.

Anyway - this patch came out last night. Boot up DEMO 7 and give it a try! We hope you enjoy the new features. Give us feedback on our new forums, or our twitter. We like hearing from all of you!