We Shall Wake DEMO 7 was a success to NOKORI. We loved making it, and hopefully you guys enjoyed playing it. DEMO 7 will be available and free forever too, or atleast until we make something better that's also free. Consider it its own game, our gift to you (and yes, you can consider it a game, I think most people got around eight hours of gameplay out of it before putting it down).

Anyway, I'm excited about WSW, and hopefully you are too! But this is only the beginning. We still have a long way to go, and we're still going to need your help.

"What's the roadmap look like right now?"

Right now, we're working on getting a kickstarter ready. We're going to try and get We Shall Wake funded so it can reach its full potential. This involves some minor changes and preparations in the game engine, and getting some art assets ready so we can try and fill you in on what the whole game is going to be like.

Engine side, we updated INSOMNIA to "NNGINE." NNGINE is short for NOKORI ENGINE, and is an updated version of INSOMNIA. So, INSOMNIA is no more - we're now using our new NNGINE. 

These upgrades included moving us from LWJGL2 to LWJGL3, and updating our math library from LibGDX to the new, shinier JOML.

This alone has netted us some major performance gains, but that's not it.

We're also working on a new level editor, proper Inverse Kinematics systems, Artinator as we call it, and new gameplay elements. New gameplay elements include wall-running and various parkour movement enhancements, and the new "trading card" system that I've been calling "DNA Cards" or "Psyche Cards."

The movements systems are too infantile to talk about, but I will elaborate more on the Psyche-Cards. I'm super excited about them. Check out this screenshot:

First of all, those of you who played DEMO 7 will notice the new health bar. That, along with the card in the bottom right.

The card is the psyche-card, and it's replacing the old Scanner some of you may have used in DEMO 7. Of course, you'll also notice the Psyche-card is missing key info, like the robots stats/traits. This is because the card is still a work in progress, it's missing some textures that are still being worked on.

Most of you know that We Shall Wake's robots are very emotional little tykes. This plays a roll in the narrative, but from a gameplay standpoint, it also plays a huge role.

The emotional state of an AI affects their fighting, movements, and synchronization in groups - they can even have nervous breakdowns if you destroy all of their friends in front of them in terrifying ways.

In the final game, this will be important to consider when collecting these Psyche-cards. You'll be able to use them to rebuild the robot and have them employed to defend your bases inside of the Yarib mega-structure the game takes place in. You'll need to consider how good they are at fighting, how good they work in groups, and how high their stress threshold is.

This is just one of We Shall Wake's deep systems of mechanics. The items system is its entire beast, along with custom movesets, for example.

Anyway, TLDR;

  • We're getting ready for a kickstarter
  • We improved the engine
  • I made it easier to scan AI personalities
  • You can also collect the souls of fallen enemies, essentially, and rebuild them later for your bases
See ya soon!