Hello everyone! Happy new year!

2016 will hold many exciting things for NOKORIWARE and We Shall Wake. We'll update you all more in the coming future - but we thank you for your patience in the meantime.

One of the main challenges for us (as I've said in past posts) is that we have little to no budget on what we make. DEMO 7 was made with 400 dollars from our Patreon, and the rest of the money is in our account waiting on when we need it.

We know a lot of you would support us on kickstarter, but we don't want our players to feel like we're taking advantage of them like that. So before we try a kickstarter, we'd like to try another method of making the money to build We Shall Wake first. We'll talk more about that relatively soon.

We thank you for your patience! Everything is coming along, we promise.

Here's some screenshots and concept art in the meantime: