Hello everyone! I just checked our Twitter to see how things are and noticed a few of you are worried about WSW.

Just to re-iterate and assure you guys, WSW is not dead! It's our passion project and we won't give up on it. That said, we have to be realistic. We don't want to compromise the vision to make development faster so that we can make money from it, and at the same time, we just honestly don't have the financial resources to pay the artists we'd need to finish it. Luckily, we have almost everything covered  but that, as art is both the most expensive and the most time consuming aspect of game development.

To counter this, we're making Robot Farm, which as been greenlit on Steam and should be finished around the end of the year. If you want to support us and WSW, please remember to buy it when it comes out. You can read a detailed blog post on this here.

What we're doing at the moment is implementing all of the feedback we got during the greenlight phase (improving the graphics basically) so that it's as pretty as we can get it. To do this, we're going out a bit more to add in some of NNGINE's 3D systems we built for WSW to make some nifty looking graphics.

After Robot Farm is finished, we'll put it on Steam and see if it can help us get some funding for WSW. We're not expecting it to bring in obscene amounts of money, but honestly, anything helps. Right now, all of the funding secured for Robot Farm came out of pocket, and that's not feasible for big projects like WSW when you're still in school and having to juggle around your funds already.

If Robot Farm doesn't do well enough financially to fund WSW, we'll just keep making smaller games until we eventually have the amount we need to make a proper kickstarter demo for WSW. Then you guys can help pitch in for that and we can finally get this thing off the ground. The kickstarter demo is planned to be the first level of the game, so that it can be implemented into the final project directly if we hit our goal.

Now, with the depressing realities of finances out of the way, I can give you a small update on where WSW is. Currently, we have a design document 90% completed along with the general "pre-script" which outlines how the entire game will play out. We know how the story starts and ends, and the majority of the bosses are designed. Many new and old gameplay systems are planned for implementation and refinement, and really all we need is simply the resources and time to make it happen. So it's not like we've just been sitting on it.

Lastly, you guys may remember that we used to have a Patreon. We shut it down because we had planned on doing a kickstarter earlier, but realized that we needed more practice before we could truly deliver something high quality. Robot Farm has allowed us to practice and hone our skills as game developers and get more insight into starting and finishing large scale projects, so we're confident we could pull something off like WSW now.

My question to you all is whether or not you would be interested in supporting us on Patreon again to help us slowly amass funding for WSW? Please let us know on Twitter or by email!

Thanks guys for the support. We're trying our hardest and want to do well by you guys. You have no idea how much we love game development, We Shall Wake, and you guys. All we ask is for your understanding.