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We Shall Wake – DEMO7 Available August 5th

Kentucky, USA, August 5th 2015 – High speed action game We Shall Wake's latest release, DEMO 7, will be available for free download to everyone on the 5th of August.

High Speed, High Flying Combat
We Shall Wake is the next generation of action games, with more speed, more power, and more customization than any other game in its genre. The final game is planned to include open world elements, factional warfare, an engaging story, big boss battles, and interesting quests, wrapped around an action game core.

We Shall Wake was created in an engine built from the scratch by Nokoriware, for the highest speed, responsiveness and control. The last year has been spent to build and refine the combat engine, to create the fastest, highest intensity combat possible, without sacrificing depth and a high skill ceiling.

DEMO 7 is a chance for players to try out the combat system, and learn a little bit about the world of We Shall Wake. It includes a customizable wave survival mode, as well as tools to create other gametypes, with several hand-crafted ones included. Players can copy and send gametype files to eachother, for convenient sharing of interesting fights and scenarios.

Download We Shall Wake's DEMO 7 here: 

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Brayden McKinney