Wow, so, it's been a while since we've said much, huh? We're really sorry about that.

The thing is, we've been really busy. Really really busy. But it's been hard to explain without anything to show you. Now we've got something to show you.

The biggest news: ROBOT FARM! (Scroll down a bunch for We Shall Wake stuff if you aren't interested in robot enslavement camps)

Robot Farm is a tactical robot collection RPG, a farming and apocalypse aversion sim. What does all that mean? Well, while this doesn't do it much justice: you collect robots and robot parts, to create a party and have Tactical RPG battles. You also use your robots to run a farm, which is integral to progressing both your party and the story. Also, there's a robot apocalypse in there. We promise there always will be.

Why haven't we talked about it? Well, because talking about it doesn't mean much until we had something to show you. And unfortunately, it's taken us ages to get the art assets together to be able to show you in game screenshots. Now we've got that. So, without further ado, check out some Robot Farm:

We didn't want to show you those same screenshots with the Pokemon sprites we've been using as placeholders. That would be unprofessional, though hilarious. If you're interested, there's even more screenshots on our Robot Farm Twitter, give it a follow too if you want to stay updated on the project.

So what's the plan with Robot Farm?
We're going to be doing a Steam Greenlight campaign, and then releasing. We've got everything we need, the game is pretty much done. This is a much smaller, less costly project than WSW, and we're pretty much ready to release. So we're going to do some testing, get our name out there some (you can help with that. Link your friends our screenshots, let 'em know they can farm the apocalypse away) get on steam, and then release the game, for all your Robot Farming needs.

Why make a second game?
Well, it turns out making games is expensive. Who'd have guessed? We realized we had the opportunity to fund WSW doing what we know how to do: making video games. So we decided to release a smaller, less ambitious game, and use the proceeds from that to help pay for all the stuff we need to make WSW.

The other thing is that we're probably going to run a WSW crowdfunding effort, along the lines of a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, and we wanted to be able to show that we can produce an actual finished game, before we did that. It's not fair to ask people to trust us without any proof. So with a finished, released and high quality game under our belts, we felt that it would make our attempts to get the resources to make WSW more successful, and better for everyone involved.

So what does this mean for WSW? You didn't give up on it did you?
Of course not. We love WSW and it's the dream game we all desperately want to make. We'll never give up on it. If we can't get the funding eventually we'll learn to do all the art and whatnot ourselves and make it that way. By then there might be actual robots to fight, but, we'll still make it.

We've been working on engine upgrades and backend stuff we can do without further art assets or other expensive resources that we don't currently have. It's not stuff with a lot of exciting screenshots to show you, unfortunately, hence the lack of additional content out there for everyone to ooh and ahhh over. We're upset about that too. We love oohing and ahhhing.

So work on WSW continues, and RF is really our attempt to push it forward in the most effective and honest way we can think of. We didn't want to ask for things sight unseen, so, we've done it this way so we can hopefully offset as much of the costs as possible before going to the community. We love you guys, and we love Novem. WSW is getting made, no matter what. It's just taking a bit longer than we'd hoped. We hope you'll check out RF, and support us as we work to make sure we can make WSW the way we want to, as big and badass as we can make it. We'd rather compromise on time, than on the game itself. And we hope you guys will agree.

We'll try our very hardest to be better about staying more in touch, and posting more stuff. We know that was a lapse. But we promise we're working hard and we hope you guys will like the results. Keep any eye out on our YouTube channel for some more exciting stuff coming soon!

Hello everyone!

Keep your eyes peeled. We have some news regarding our side-project and We Shall Wake coming soon.




Millennia passed the extinction of mankind as we know it and centuries gone since the pass of the enigmatic race known simply as the Creators, a legendary machine is awoken to end a war that has long ended - yet continues to wage on. This machine is the legendary ninth MORS model - Novem; spoken of only as legend among whispers in a world that only vaguely remembers the old one.

Capable of the forgotten practice of emotion and possessing a bio-mechanical makeup that can cause apocalyptic levels of destruction, only you can finally end the conflict.

However, you are not the last MORS model in existence.


Engage in lightning-fast combat with legions of enemies. Intelligent, aggressive AI will challenge your skills, decision making, and reflexes.


Experience sonic speeds as you traverse through supermassive structure of Yarib. Run, jump, dodge and attack freely with extremely smooth and responsive controls.


Construct your own customized movesets from more than 50 individual moves. Build and place defensive structures and allies wherever you choose.


Minimum system requirements:
CPU: Intel dual core CPU @ 3.0 GHz or above, or any Intel or AMD quad core CPU (the game scales well any number of cores)

GPU: Nvidia GTX 8000 series card, a AMD HD3000 series card, or an Intel Ivy Bridge integrated GPU (HD2500 and HD4000).


Recommended system for maximum graphics settings:
CPU: Any CPU with 4 or more cores GPU:
  • – For 1920x1080: Nvidia GTX 480, 570, 650 Ti, 750 Ti or above
    • AMD HD 6970, 7850, R7 265 or above
  • – For 2560x1440: Nvidia GTX 680, 770 or above
    • AMD Radeon HD 7970, R9 280X or above