Hello guys. I hope everything has been going well for you lately.

Here's what we've been up to:

  • bug-fixes on Tactics Customizer
  • five new attacks have been added
  • major fixes and improvements to physics engine
  • new animations for movement
  • added double-jump
  • added generated campsites, towns, and graveyards
  • added generated rocks and giant mushrooms
  • overhauled combat AI (more on that in a second)
  • underlying graphics engine improvements and optimizations, specifically for lower end hardware
  • we bought a domain for our dev-team and We Shall Wake
  • four new artists have joined the team
I've also linked Daniel to this blog, so hopefully he'll be making some posts soon to elaborate on his graphics engine optimizations and changes for you nerds out there.

As for AI, I've added a new personality and trait system. Each AI will have its own DNA that is randomly generated, and all sorts of facets such as confidence, bravery, combat smarts, common sense, respect for authority, and many more are taken into consideration during combat. Every battle will be different in We Shall Wake simply because some AI will opt to different styles of fighting. And this is simply on top of their randomly generated movesets (that follow the same rules as yours!)

You'll be able to memorize each enemies attack patterns, but it'll take some minor observation time if you don't plan on winging it.

The team is also now going to be called Nokoriware, or Nokori for short. We've made new emails that you can contact us at:


Anyway, that's all for now. Take care!!

Hello guys.

Sorry for the lack of news - I hope you haven't lost interest in the project!

Since the release of Demo 6, I've been focused on AI improvements, combat, and also the beginning of the game as a whole. I've implemented various dungeon systems; as of now the game will initialize your game at the first time of running and generate your personalized tower to explore - along with its various communities and landmarks. While most of your experiences will be somewhat the same, the order of which events transpire may be varied; and for those of you who are put off by "randomly generated," be assured that our generation is only a means to put (hopefully fun) fluff between the various boss floors and pre-made areas.

 Improvements to AI have mostly been optimization - and I've had a major increase in the allowed AI on a floor with just the updating. Using LOD logic systems, we can fit about 100 AI on one floor without LOD models being enabled before I experience slowdown on my rig - compared to the maximum of 60 in Demo 6.

As for combat, it's mostly been just bugfixes and new moves.

And finally, I've added our new triangle-list collision systems into the game, meaning that complex environments are now possible on top of our pre-existing tile system.

Once our ideas are more realized and we feel we have something to show, I'll upload a new video. Blog updates may not be consistent for a while, but when I do decide to resume making consistent updates, I'll make sure to leave a post here saying when.

Take care!