Hey, everyone.

This week saw the new pathfinding system being finished, in addition to some small overall improvements. The new pathfinder should allow our AI to find more accurate paths, especially through narrow corridors that the old pathfinder could path through. It has a large number of tweakable features, so we should be able to get a good balance between performance and precision of the pathfinding, which is important to avoid stuttering in the game when a large number of NPCs pathfind simultaneously.

Other changes includes small improvements to the SSAO. The flickering during motion has been reduced by weighting the SSAO intensity based on the view direction. We've also added threading to some bottlenecks which should improve performance a little bit more on multicore CPUs.

That's all for this week! Hopefully I'll get a chance to implement the new order-independent transparency system soon!

Hey, guys. Long time no see!

So a little over two weeks ago I got this idea on how to draw transparent stuff correctly without having to sort them first. Transparent geometry has always been a big problem in 3D graphics in general. All games have some problems with the ordering of transparent geometry. As an example, it's possible to see frag grenade explosions through smoke (the explosion is always drawn on top) in CS:GO, and in the Call of Duty games you can see through smoke by looking through transparent glass. I've managed to come up with an algorithm that lets me draw my transparent stuff in any order, and the algorithm works the rest out. Such techniques are called "Order-Independent Transparency" techniques and it's been an unsolved problem for over 20 years.

This algorithm could, with some luck, lead to getting something published in a real computer graphics journal as it does certain things that no other algorithm can do, which, again, if I'm lucky could lead to some acknowledgement in the games and computer graphics industry. As a third-year student at a university, this would be quite an accomplishment, which is why I decided to dedicate most of my time to it for the last two weeks. I've gotten in touch with a professor at my uni who's been willing to assist me, and the whole thing seems quite promising. Yay!

As things have calmed down a bit, it's time to start working a bit more on WSW and Insomnia again. The new pathfinder is still under development, but there has been some progress there. There's been some more optimizations and improved threading of various parts of the engine, which gives some solid performance wins. In addition, I've done some bug fixing and improvements on a number of shaders, so a quite a few special effects now have significantly less noise.

Sadly, that's all for this week. Again, apologies for the lack of progress.